Andy's Fandom Adventures

Andy is an Adventurer. While working a places like Pickles Zoo, the National Museum and Safari World, Andy often finds himself needing to go off on an adventure around the world or back in time to find an object to complete/fix his task at work.


Working at Pickles Zoo

Andy works at Pickles Zoo with Kip the Cat and Mr Pickles his boss. He takes care of the Animals there. Whenever Andy needs something to take care of the zoo's animals, he and Kip use the Kip Mobile to fly around the world to collect it and they encounter many animals in the wild. (AWA)

Working at the National Museum

Andy now works at the National Museum in the Dinosaur Gallery with Hatty. After part of an exhibit is damaged or need replacing, Andy travels back in time to age of Dinosaurs using the Old Museum Clock to find a replacement piece. He encounters many Dinosaurs and other creatures that lived at the same time. (ADA)

Sometime later, Andy is now the head of the (renamed) Prehistoric Gallery at the National Museum as Hatty no longer works there, but Andy has a new assistant Jen and a new boss Mrs Pickles and the Janitor. Andy continues to use the Clock to find a replacement piece for damaged exhibits but he now travels back to find other prehistoric creatures from different eras, not just Dinosaurs. (APA)

Working at Safari World

Andy now works at Safari World, the biggest and best wildlife park on the planet, with boss, Mr Hammond, and tech wizard Jen. When trouble strikes Andy jets off in his Safari Mobile to visit animals around the world in search of a solution. (ASA)

Andy later had a series of adventures with aquatic animals. (AAA)


Equipment used


  • It is never explained why Andy is working somewhere new each series.
  • The silhouette animal on Andy's yellow shoulder patches; changes each series:
    • In Wild Adventures there is no patch.
    • In Dinosaur and Prehistoric Adventures its a Theropod.
    • In Safari and Aquatic Adventures its a Giraffe.
    • In Aquatic Adventures when in his scuba suit, the patch is a Dolphin.