Andy's Amazing Adventures is a children's magazine released monthly, starting in February 2016. It features content based of Andy's Wild Adventures, Dinosaur Adventures and Prehistoric Adventures. 27 issues have been released as of March 2018 with a retail price of £2.75.


BBC Andy’s Amazing Adventures magazine takes little explorers on an exciting journey with plenty of fun and just a little magic and danger, to discover incredible dinosaurs, awesome prehistoric animals and wonderful wild creatures from all around the world. Developed in collaboration with the BBC Natural History Unit and based on the popular CBeebies shows, the magazine offers colourful stickers, premium gifts, awesome posters, puzzles, games, makes and more, in every issue!

Andy’s Wild Adventures © BBC 2013.
Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures © BBC 2014.
Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures © BBC 2016. [1]
Andy's Safari Adventures © BBC 2018.


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