Andy's Fandom Adventures
Andy's Fandom Adventures

Andy's Aquatic Adventures (AAA) is a CBeebies television show starring Andy Day, it is the fifth series of Andy's Adventures.


Following the same story as Andy's Safari Adventures, Andy still works at Safari World, the biggest and best aquatic and wildlife park on the planet, with boss, Mr Hammond, and tech wizard Jen. When trouble strikes, Andy jets off in his Aqua-sub or the Safari-mobile to visit aquatic animals around the world in search of a solution.



# Promo Image Episode Writer Original Broadcast
1 AAA-AndyandtheBlueWhale.jpg Andy and the Blue Whale Adam Oldroyd 12 February 2020
2 AAA-AndyandtheSeaKraits.jpg Andy and the Sea Kraits TBA 11 February 2020
3 AAA-AndyandtheMudskippers.jpg Andy and the Mud Skippers TBA 12 February 2020
4 AAA-AndyandtheWoodDucks.jpg Andy and the Wood Ducks TBA 13 February 2020
5 AAA-AndyandtheGalapagosSeaLions.jpg Andy and the Galapagos Sea Lions TBA 14 February 2020
6 AAA-AndyandtheSarcasticFringehead.jpg Andy and the Sarcastic Fringehead TBA 17 February 2020
7 AAA-AndyandtheFlamingos.jpg Andy and the Flamingos TBA 18 February 2020
8 AAA-AndyandtheDamselflies.jpg Andy and the Damselflies TBA 19 February 2020
9 AAA-AndyandtheGlassFrog.jpg Andy and the Glass Frogs TBA 20 February 2020
10 AAA-AndyandtheWeddellSeals.jpg Andy and the Weddell Seals TBA 21 February 2020
11 AAA-AndyandtheBottlenoseDolphins.jpg Andy and the Bottlenose Dolphins TBA 24 February 2020
12 AAA-AndyandtheCaimans.jpg Andy and the Caimans TBA 25 February 2020
13 AAA-AndyandtheChinstrapPenguins.jpg Andy and the Chinstrap Penguins TBA 26 February 2020
14 AAA-AndyandthePygmyGecko.jpg Andy and the Pygmy Gecko TBA 27 February 2020
15 AAA-AndyandtheHawksbillTurtles.jpg Andy and the Hawksbill Turtle TBA 28 February 2020

Title song

Andy: I'm Andy, come long and see Safari World with me.
With our super high tech aqua base; our windows the sea.
Mr Hammond is the boss but is Jen who's in the know.
Come on my adventures. Ready steady go!...
...1, 2, 3, 4!
Let's all go on Andy's Aquatic Adventures.
Hey Join the crew.
A watery world animals for us to see.
Yeah you can come too.
Andy: Whenever there's a crisis and I need to make a dash,
my adventure gear uploads andI'm ready in a flash.
My amazing vehicles will help me save the day..
So common my adventures. There must be no delay!...


...1, 2, 3, 4!
Let's all go on Andy's Aquatic Adventures.
Hey Join the crew.
A watery world animals for us to see.
Yeah you can come too.
Come on Andy's Aquatic Adventures.
Andy's Aquatic Adventures!



  • This is the shortest series of Andy's Adventures at 15 episodes instead of the normal 20.
  • This is the second series to follow the same story as a previous series (but with minor differences). The first was Prehistoric Adventures that followed the same story as Dinosaur Adventures.