Andy's Fandom Adventures
Andy's Fandom Adventures

Andy's Dinosaur Adventures (ADA) is a CBeebies television show starring Andy Day, it is the second series of Andy's Adventures.


Andy now works at the fictional National Museum in the Dinosaur Gallery with Hatty. After part of an exhibit is damaged or needs replacing, Andy travels back in time to age of Dinosaurs using the Old Museum Clock to find a replacement piece. He encounters many Dinosaurs and other creatures that lived at the same time.

The next series called Andy's Prehistoric Adventures follows the same story but Andy now travels back to find other prehistoric creatures from different eras, not just Dinosaurs.



# Episode Broadcast
1 T-Rex and Pumice 17 February 2014
2 Diplodocus and Fern 18 February 2014
3 Leaellynasaura and Egg 19 February 2014
4 Eustreptospondylus and Ammonite 20 February 2014
5 Iberomesornis and Feather 21 February 2014
6 Triceratops and Horn 24 February 2014
7 Cynodont and Lichen 25 February 2014
8 Iguanodon Footprint 26 February 2014
9 Coelophysis and Fish 27 February 2014
10 Ornithocheirus and Sand Dollar 28 February 2014
11 Allosaurus and Dragonfly 3 March 2014
12 Placerias and Red Clay 4 March 2014
13 Muttaburrasaurus and Berries 5 March 2014
14 Brachiosaurus and Monkey Puzzle 6 March 2014
15 T-Rex and Imprint 7 March 2014
16 Stegosaurus and Painting 24 March 2014
17 Diplodocus and Dung 25 March 2014
18 Postosuchus and Teeth 26 March 2014
19 T-Rex and Roar 27 March 2014
20 Allosaurus and Salt 28 March 2014

Title song

Andy: I'm Andy and I work here at the National Museum.
There's Dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes, you should see them.
Hatty's a collector of things from long ago. Come and see the dinosaurs...
Ready steady go! 1, 2, 3, 4!
Come on, Andy's Dinosaur Adventures.
Hey Join the crew.
Looking at the dinosaurs, collecting some things too.
Yeah you can come too.
Andy: The Old Museum Clock takes me back in time to when Dinosaurs ruled the world. (Dinosaurs Roar!)
Take me to the time of the Dinosaurs, I say, hold on tight, shut your eyes...
...And then we fly away. 1, 2, 3, 4!
Come on, Andy's Dinosaur Adventures.
Hey Join the crew.
Looking at the Dinosaurs, collecting some things too.
Yeah you can come too.
Andy Dinosaur Adventures.
Dinosaur, Dinosaur Adventures!