Andy's Prehistoric Adventures (APA) is a CBeebies television show starring Andy Day, it is the third series of Andy's Adventures.


Following the same story as Andy's Dinosaur Adventures, Andy is now the head of the Prehistoric Gallery at the National Museum as Hatty no longer works there, but Andy has a new assistant Jen and a new boss Mrs Pickles and the Janitor. Andy continues to use the Old Museum Clock to find a replacement piece for damaged exhibits but he now travels back to find other prehistoric creatures from different eras, not just Dinosaurs.



# Episode Writer Original Broadcast
1 Argentinosaurus and Eggshell Katie Simmons 8 February 2016
2 Woolly Mammoth and Tusk Patrick Makin 9 February 2016
3 Epidexipteryx and Tail Feather Katie Simmons 10 February 2016
4 Nothrotheriops and Dung Adam Oldroyd 11 February 2016
5 Ophthalmosaurus and Painting Adam Oldroyd 12 February 2016
6 Paraceratherium and Footprint Sam Morrison 15 February 2016
7 Spinosaurus and Scan Adam Oldroyd 16 February 2016
8 Leptictidium and Fig Patrick Makin 17 February 2016
9 Woolly Rhino and Flowers Patrick Makin 18 February 2016
10 Camptosaurus and Call Adam Oldroyd 19 February 2016
11 Sabre-Toothed Cat and Roar Katie Simmons 7 March 2016
12 Centrosaurus and Video Sam Morrison 8 March 2016
13 Ankylosaur and Club Adam Oldroyd 9 March 2016
14 Gigantoraptor and Feather Patrick Makin 10 March 2016
15 Australopithecus and Hair Sam Morrison 11 March 2016
16 Gastornis and Egg Patrick Makin 14 March 2016
17 Kimmerosaurus and Clamshell Adam Oldroyd 15 March 2016
18 Chalicothere and Claw Sam Morrison 16 March 2016
19 Magyarosaurus and Reeds Patrick Makin 17 March 2016
20 Andrewsarchus and Tooth Katie Simmons 18 March 2016
21 Woolly Mammoth and Ice Patrick Makin 13 June 2016
22 Paraceratherium and Skin Sam Morrison 14 June 2016
23 Basilosaurus and Barnacles Katie Simmons 15 June 2016
24 Australopithecus and Tool Sam Morrison 16 June 2016
25 Gigantoraptor and Tumbleweed Patrick Makin 17 June 2016

Title song

Andy: I'm Andy and I work here at the National Museum.
We've got Dinosaurs and Ice Aged beasts, you should see them.
Jen is my assistant, Mrs Pickles runs the show. Come on my adventures...
Ready steady go! 1, 2, 3, 4!
Andy's Prehistoric Adventures.
Hey Join the crew.
Travel back in time and discover something new.
Yeah you can come too.
Andy: We'll see Woolly Mammoths, Dinosaurs, Cavemen and more,
when I jump into the Old Museum Clock to explore.
Take me off to prehistoric times, I say, hold on tight, shut your eyes...
CBeebies Andy's Prehistoric Adventures - Theme Song

CBeebies Andy's Prehistoric Adventures - Theme Song

...And then we fly away. 1, 2, 3, 4!
Andy's Prehistoric Adventures.
Hey Join the crew.
Travel back in time and discover something new.
Yeah you can come too.
Andy's Prehistoric Adventures.
Andy's Prehistoric Adventures!



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