Andy Day is a children's host on CBeebies television and radio. He plays a fictional version of himself in Andy's Adventures.


In Andy's Wild Adventures, he works as a zookeeper who works at Pickles Zoo. Whenever Andy needs something to take care of the zoo's animals, he and Kip the Cat use the Kip Mobile to fly around the world to collect it and they encounter many animals in the wild.

In Andy's Dinosaur Adventures and Prehistoric Adventures, Andy now works at the fictional National Museum in the Prehistoric Gallery with Hatty, his assistant Jen and a new boss Mrs Pickles and the Janitor. After part of an exhibit is damaged or need replacing, Andy travels back in time using the Old Museum Clock to find a replacement piece. He encounters many prehistoric creatures and Dinosaurs.

Andy briefly played Cave Andy (an early Human who looked the same as Andy) in APA: Woolly Mammoth and Tusk.

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