Diplodocus and Dung is the seventeenth episode of Andy's Dinosaur Adventures.


Andy travels back 152 million years, to the time of diplodocus a massive 25 metre long plant eating dinosaur. Hatty has prepared an exhibit with some fossilised dinosaur poo, but when the dung beetle she was hoping to put on the display flies away, it's up to Andy to track one down in prehistoric times. Along the way he witnesses a mother diplodocus laying an egg deep in the ground, just like reptiles do today, before hitching a ride on the neck of one waiting for it to do a poo. Eventually it does, and there's an awful lot of it, so much in fact that Andy gets stuck. The question is, will he find a dung beetle and will he make it back to the museum in time before it opens?

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Object of the Week

  • Dung


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