Gastornis was a large predatory bird that lived 49 million years ago in Europe and Asia. They were similar in shape and size to, but not directly related to the American Terror Birds.


Once a Gastornis chased Andy and a family of Leptictidiums but quickly gave up. (APA: Leptictidium and Fig)

Andy followed a Gastornis to its nest and shrunk down using the Gizmo so he could get a good look at the egg. The Gastornis returned and Andy hid behind the egg. The chick started hatching and Andy took a piece of egg shell but he had to lure some Giant Ants away, saving the Gastornis chick. (APA: Gastornis and Egg)


  • In real life, Gastornis was probably an omnivore, using it's beak for not only hunting, but also foraging.
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