The Gizmo is an analysis device used by Andy during his around the world adventures and time travel adventures. Andy carries it on a black wriststrap on his left arm but the Gizmo is removable.



The Gizmo is used for analysing creatures and the time period/location that Andy is in. He can use it to take pictures and video/sound recordings and to supply power to other devices. The Gizmo is also waterproof as Andy has swum with it several times and even used it underwater.



Using the Gizmo, Andy is also able to shrink in size for finding creatures (or hiding from them) and then return back to normal size. The smallest size Andy has been seen to change to is small enough to ride on a Dragonfly, but generally he goes to the size of a cat. (APA: Epidexipteryx and Tail Feather, Leptictidium and Fig, Gastornis and Egg, Magyarosaurus and Reeds)


He once used the Gizmo to increase the size of a ball of wool. One time while small, Andy put a piece of Gastornis eggshell in his backpack and when he returned to normal size, the eggshell also increased in size. (APA: Sabre-Toothed Cat and Roar, Gastornis and Egg)


Andy using the Gizmo to change size.

When it was faulty

Jen once momentarily shrunk herself and got a raisin stuck in the Gizmo causing it to be faulty. Later, Andy was accidentally shrunken down to insect size while trying to do a sound recording and could not return to his normal size until he fixed the Gizmo by removing the raisin. (APA: Sabre-Toothed Cat and Roar)


  • The Gizmo has undergone some changes over the series;
    • In Wild Adventures the screen case is red and there is a cat paw button.
    • In Dinosaur Adventures it lost the button, gained some light up features and the screen case becomes aqua in colour.
    • In Prehistoric Adventures the casing got a slight redesign, the screen became rectangular and larger. It is also identifiable as an disguised iPhone. In Woolly Mammoth and Tusk, the Gizmo had a set of lights around the edge so Andy could use it as a torch. The Gizmo appears identical in Andy's Safari Adventures.
CBeebies Andy's Prehistoric Adventures - Make Andy's Gizmo

CBeebies Andy's Prehistoric Adventures - Make Andy's Gizmo

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