Not to be confused with Andy's Gadget Backpack seen in Andy's Wild Adventures

Hatty's Backpack is a bag belonging to Hatty and unknown to her Andy uses it on his time travel adventures. (ADA) Later when Hatty left the National Museum, Andy inherited the bag. (APA)


The Backpack looks like a normal brown and tan rucksack with two shoulder straps with dinosaur badges all over it. The bag appears to be bigger on the inside as as it can store large things inside it that would normally be too big to fit inside. Whenever Andy needs help he simply pulls random items out of the backpack until he finds something useful.


Sometimes on Andy's time travel journeys, the backpack has been involved in some incidents:

Dinosaur Adventures

  • Andy kept a sandwich in the backpack and a Tyrannosaurus rex smelt it and proceeded to steal the bag. Andy later retrieved it when the dinosaur was sleeping. (T-Rex and Pumice)
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Prehistoric Adventures

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