Andy's Fandom Adventures
Andy's Fandom Adventures

Jen is the assistant of Andy. They used to work at the National Museum their boss Mrs Pickles and the Janitor. Later she and Andy moved toSafari World to work for Mr Hammond.


At the National Museum

Jen helped Andy to set up an exhibits in the Prehistoric Gallary but whenever something got damaged, Andy asked her try to fix it, while he disappeared. Jen never realised he was really traveling back in time to replace the thing that was damaged. Andy would then return and Jen would helps him fix the exhibit just in time before Mrs Pickles arrived. (APA)

Working at Safari World

Jen moved to Safari World with Andy to work in the control tower. Unlike Andy's Prehistoric Adventures, Jen actually knows about Andy going on Safari Adventures and she helps him when he needs to collect items for the park. She also activates the Safari Mobile for Andy. (ASA)

Jen also helped Andy when the had aseries of adventures with aquatic animals. (AAA)


  • Not counting Andy, Jen is the first character to appear in more than one series of Andy's Adventures.