Andy's Fandom Adventures

Andy and Kip as seen in Andy's Wild Adventures (AWA)

Andy and Kip on the beach- Kip's most recent appearance (Cameo). As seen in the APA (Andy's Prehistoric Adventures) episode 'Sabre- Tooth Cat and Roar'

Kip is a Cat who lives at Pickles Zoo.


Kip the Cat works at the Zoo with Andy and Mr Pickles their boss. Whenever Andy needs something to take care of the zoo's animals, he and Kip use the Kip Mobile to fly around the world to collect it and they encounter many animals in the wild.

Kip is presumably still working at the Zoo, while Andy went on to work at other places. Though Andy still has a picture of Kip on his Gizmo (APA: Sabre-Toothed Cat and Roar)