Andy's Fandom Adventures

The National Museum is a museum of natural history in England that exhibits a vast range of specimens from various segments of natural history. Unknown to everyone except Andy, the Old Museum Clock in the entrance hall is really a time travel device.


Prehistoric Gallery

The Prehistoric Gallery (also known as the Dinosaur Gallery) is the setting of Andy's Dinosaur Adventures and Andy's Prehistoric Adventures. Every day/week a new display of extinct creatures, ranging from Dinosaurs to Ice Aged creatures, is set up using the display wall and/or the Holographic Display.

In Andy's Safari Adventures, Jen and Andy left the National Museum and moved to Safari World.

Other Displays

The Prehistoric Gallery

  • Bird Gallery
  • Diplodocus skeleton
  • Megatherium skeleton
  • Charles Darwin statue
  • Giant sequoias tree trunk


Name Position Appearance
Andy Head Exhibitor
Exhibitor (formerly)
Jen Andy's assistant APA
Mrs Pickles Museum Curator APA
The Janitor Janitorial APA
Hatty Head Exhibitor (formerly) ADA


  • The interior of the Museum was filmed in the London Natural History Museum but the Prehistoric Gallery was a set designed to look the same as the NHM. The exterior of the museum was used The Victoria Rooms in Bristol.