Paraceratherium was a species of hornless rhinoceros that lived 30 million years ago, Late Oligocene in Mongolia. It was the largest land mammal of all time.


Andy encountered a mother and calf Paraceratherium. The mother left the calf in a canyon when she went to get some water. At the water hole, she scared away a bear-dog and Andy climbed on her for a ride back (and to escape an Entelodon). Back in the canyon, the mother fed her calf milk and catapulted Andy onto the top of the canyon to reach the Old Museum Clock. (APA: Paraceratherium and Footprint)

Andy met the mother Paraceratherium and her calf again, she was trying to feed but there were no leaves on the trees because it was the dry season. Andy also saw another juvenile feeding elsewhere and an adult near the river. (APA: Chalicothere and Claw)

One night, two Hyaenodons were attacking the mother and the calf. Fortunately they survived until morning but the mother was upset and chased Andy way when he tried to scan her skin. Later the calf got stuck on a river bank and Andy helped it up so the mother was much more friendly to Andy now. The calf helped propel Andy back to the clock on his roller skates and he saw several other adult Paraceratheriums feeding on trees on his way. (APA: Paraceratherium and Skin)

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