Sabre-Toothed Cats are an extinct group of big cats with long, curved saber-shaped canine teeth. Andy met some American versions of these cats, which were probably some type of Smilodon. There was an African sabre-toothed cat called Dinofelis.



15,000 years ago in North America, when Andy was being stalked by a Smilodon, he rode on a Columbian Mammoth that was walking with a herd so the big cat would be too scared to attack him. He later saw the same cat attack a Nothrotheriops but it retreated. (APA: Nothrotheriops and Dung)

2.5 Million years ago in South America, Andy met a Smilodon pride. They hunted Macrauchenia and took over at top predator from the Terror Birds. (APA: Sabre-Toothed Cat and Roar)


3 million years ago in Ethiopia Africa, Andy was with a group of Australopithecus when suddenly they were attacked by a Dinofelis. The apes retreated into a tree and then scared the big cat away by throwing stones at it. (APA: Australopithecus and Hair)


  • Because Smilodon footage from an Ice Aged Giants episode was used in Nothrotheriops and Dung and footage from the Walking with Beasts episode Sabre-Tooth in Sabre-Toothed Cat and Roar, the Smilodon looked different in their appearances however this could be explained as they were different species of Smilodon or they were the same species but separated by millions of years (and continents).
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