Andy's Fandom Adventures

The Janitor was the museum cleaner who worked at the National Museum with Andy, Jen and his boss Mrs Pickles. He always had his headphones in listening to music.

He was good at keeping the museum clean and tidy however he was very clumsy and did not care about Andy and Jen's jobs, because whenever he accidentally damaged an exhibit he would just leave it, not bothering to try fix it, apologise or even cover it up.

The Janitor appeared in every episode of Andy's Prehistoric Adventures except the very last one; Gigantoraptor and Tumbleweed, so its possible that he was fired or left to find another job.

Times the Janitor ruined exhibits

  • He once put a Argentinosaurus eggshell fossil in the bin because it was with some shredded paper. (Episode 1)
  • He was watering some pot plants and went to scratch his ear, spilling water over some Nothrotheriops dung and he put fertiliser on it because it started smelling. (Episode 4)
  • After Andy stepped in the Janitor's bucket of water, they both spilt it on the laptop losing the copy of the Paraceratherium footprint. The Janitor then proceeded to wipe down the laptop with his sponge. (Episode 6)
  • He once tried eating Andy's model fig but spat it out and left it. (Episode 8)
  • He used some pressed flower paper to blow his nose. (Episode 9)
  • He recorded himself making silly faces and dancing with a video camera deleting Jen's Centrosaurus video. (Episode 12)
  • He broke a replica Saichania club by trying to swat a fly with it. (Episode 13)
  • He used a fake Gigantoraptor feather to dust, because he broke his featherduster. (Episode 14)
  • He vacuumed some hair of of an Australopithecus model, making it bald. (Episode 15)
  • He polished a green Gastornis model egg, rubbing the paint off making it white again. (Episode 16)
  • He vacuumed up an Andrewsarchus tooth model. (Episode 20)
  • He cracked a sugarglass icesheet while playing with the display model Mammoths. (Episode 21)
  • He polished a pad with rough replica Paraceratherium skin so much it became smooth. (Episode 22)
  • He was playing with a 3 million year old Australopithecus digging stick and lost it. He replaced it with a regular stick. (Episode 24)

He also nearly ruined Mrs Pickles painting of an Ophthalmosaurus by polishing it with spray and a cloth but luckily Andy stopped him. (Episode 5)