Woolly Mammoths was a species of mammoth that lived in Europe during the last Ice Age, and was one of the last in a line of mammoth species. It is related to Columbian Mammoths, Deinotherium and modern day Elephants.


Andy once encountered a herd of Woolly Mammoths when he traveled to the Pleistocene. He rode on one of the mammoths to look for an old tusk that he could take. He saw that Early Humans used the mammoths tusks and hides to make shelters. Andy later took home a tusk. (APA: Woolly Mammoth and Tusk)

Andy witnessed a Mammoth migration and rode on a calf. When a Cave Lion started stalking the herd, Andy jumped up onto the adult Mammoth to be safe. Later, a female fell through the ice of a frozen pond so Andy got some rope and he an all the other Mammoths helped pull her out. Then one Mammoth gave Andy a lift back to the Old Museum Clock and broke the ice covering it when it was fed a pineapple. (APA: Woolly Mammoth and Ice)

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